About Us

Clawhammer Farm is located in Lisle, NY, at the Northern tip of Broome County. Our 30 acres were once part of a large dairy farm; over the years it’s been parceled out into smaller plots. We purchased our land, house and barn in 2009. In country-talk, we are known as a “hard luck” farm, as we’re situated almost entirely on a hill and swampy valley. We’re slowly rehabbing the land from years of neglect, one of the most rewarding and difficult aspects of our venture. Our pigs are heritage crosses (mostly Berkshire/Old Spot/Large Black/Tamworth) rotationally grazed on pasture and offered corn, oats, and soy in addition to everything they find on their own. We maintain our own breeding herd and almost always have a litter of piglets to ogle. We are also expanding a herd of sheep -- Katahdins and Dorpers -- so that we can begin offering lamb regularly. All of our animals are raised antibiotic- and hormone-free. Last but not least, we have a motley crew of goats, a rotating cast of barn cats, 2 house cats, a future milking cow, and a bundle of puppy named Dart. It’s busy around here and full of life, just the way we like it.