Our house, for those who have not noticed, is something of a Frankenstein. It has collected a century's worth of additions and re-modelings, some of which were never quite finished. For example, from the inside, our kitchen looks like a normal room -- walls, shelves, a window. But if one were to exit the house and walk outside, and stare at the outside of the kitchen wall, one would find a window and a door that are completely undetectable inside. The phantom door actually opens about an inch, into an odd space between walls (the space where the Orange Kitten likes to hide). The phantom window we decided to turn into an actual window, and during the process we unearthed some disconcerting, um, remains. A cat skull and a cat leg bone, plus this mystery guest:

It reminds me of a chicken, but with carnivore teeth. A baby raptor, perhaps? Scientists out there, any thoughts?

The cat leg bone, by the way, was later snatched off the window sill and delicately enjoyed by Ursula.