Most of our time here so far has been about demolition and removal -- ripping out walls, windows, hauling away trash, decimating the local mouse population. Things are beginning to shift, and the new push of building and adding things is very fulfilling. Our newest, best addition (which took embarrassingly long to think of, actually) is a fire circle. Handy for burning trash, and warming up on these cool fall nights. Also symbolic and cathartic that we get to relax around the burning remains of poor design choices and rot.

We are also learning more about our surroundings, including continually evolving our relationship with the Orange Kitten, earlier assumed to live solely in the barn. Said kitten also appears to enjoy some time on our roof.

And in our wall.

We also bought paint for the upstairs, and are painstakingly plotting out fencing infrastructure for animals and the Biggest Garden Ever. We are starting to make some connections, mostly with an elementary age Chinese boy smitten with our Benz, and some other local farmers. This all feels very good. Warm and toasty, even.