Well, it's been a long time. Perhaps we got our first taste of cold and took the first jet to Bermuda? Might we have been whiling away days with pedicures and long evenings wine tasting?

Oh no, my friends. We have accomplished a truly herculean task. Along with the astounding help of some out of town visitors, we have CLEANED THE BARN. ALL THREE LEVELS.

Hayloft Before:


Lower Barn Before:

Deliciously Spotless After:

All in all, it was two tons of trash to the dump, dozens of trips of burnables up to the pasture to be burned once the fire department nods and winks our way, 40 or so tires, and a couple gigantic piles of metal to be scrapped. We also found 8 dollars and this that Big Man has threatened a prominent display on our (thankfully nonexistent) mantel.

We still have to sort metal and swoop out all the old hay, and pick up the sundry little baggies that somehow escaped the dump, but it's safe to say that the barn clean-up project has incredibly progressed.