So far, we've done a lot of work that hasn't been that dramatic but that has taken time, effort, energy, and also blood, sweat and (my) tears. We've chipped away at siding, raised the well head, replaced windows, built some little things and designed systems, patched, painted, mopped, dusted, measured twice, cut once, and things have over time looked remarkably better.

We spent some incredibly painful hours over the weekend making a fantastic aesthetic improvement that really was dramatic, and boy it felt good.

I was totally unprepared for most of this project. The large silver vacuum-like sander, I figured, was like a vacuum. Maybe a bit harder to push. Well. Apparently, to get it to really work, you have to lift up on its handle. The whole time. This amounts to doing basically a few hours worth of curls with a weight that is completely physically impossible for you to lift. And then you have to walk, back and forth and back and forth and etc etc. The edger tool, for the edges, was apparently much worse. But I wasn't allowed to play with that one for fear it would drag me through a wall. The Big Man did basically all the work, with me chipping in to do follow-up sanding with a fine grit the next day and to work on the corners with a pad sander this afternoon.

I was also totally unprepared for the difference it would make. I mean, the floors were already wood, although they were painted dark, so I wasn't expecting such a transformation. The pain was completely worth it. And the wood/paint-dust that I keep finding in my ears and nose, that is also worth it.