I really like maps. I have a few maps in my brain that I constantly reference, it might be one of those autistic mannerisms I'm so often labeled with. With that in mind, I wanted to flesh out some of the things around us.

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our house is the "A." I guess that could go without saying, but just in case. As you can see by zooming in, the barn is on the other side of the road, an interesting and challenging layout. Just yesterday I was saying to Johnson that if I could change one thing about the property I'd change the lay of the land, it's an odd shape and the slopes change up frequently. In actuality I hope that we can work with our odd shaped parcel and make it more useful and productive than others would. The large body of water to the northwest is Nanticoke Lake, not be confused with the town of Nanticoke. It is a state owned fishing preserve and we walk Ursula there daily. She is trying desperately to learn our new set of commands regarding walking off leash, I'm sure her sides are sore from me kneeing her in the right direction. I'm guessing the lake is entirely man-made, although the southern side is the only one that is artificial. When you come we can swim in it.

The large factory farm near us is to the northeast, further down Caldwell Hill. They milk 1500 cows, and this satellite imagery must be old because they now have at least two more barns. if you look along the southwestern side of their complex you can see the large concrete bins they've made to hold hay and manure, like a mother and child reunion. This farm does not bale hay, which I've never seen before, they just truck it in, dump it and cover it. at the northeastern corner of their complex you can see their poo lagoon, which was eluded to by Johnson. Surprisingly, we have not been more than 200 feet down Squedunk road, there may be all kinds of crazy shit down there. If you feel like it pan around and look for stuff we should check out. I know there's at least one teenager up there who's more than happy to dig a pit in his backyard and burn tires, there'll be more on that later.

Now you may be wondering which land is ours? so are we, to be honest. There are some old fences around, but I don't think we should trust them. Here's an image of our tax map, don't forget our land is on both sides of the street. the Zs mean that two separate parcels share an owner. I apologize for the poor quality of these, I'm tired, besides the fact that Photoshop and Blogger don't seem to get along. All of the images are clickable, you'll see a better version if you click through.

These tax maps are wonderfully nosey and voyeuristic, some parcels that look small from the road are immense, and the inverse is true as well. Finally, Here's the Google Map with our boundary outlined. Much of this land I have yet to step foot on, Johnson and I have only been in the lower pasture onece, about two months ago, and we both got lost.