As of Friday, approximately 3:15 pm: We own the farm. The fields full of goldenrod, the house full of mice, the barn full of trash. We have cleaned (the first floor of the house, half of the first floor of the barn) and moved our lives into the first floor. The dining room is the bedroom, an old dresser is kitchen storage. The War on Mice, Trash and Previous Owners' Substandard Building has begun.

Move-in was, as seems to be tradition with us, hectic, wet, slippery and dark. But it happened, and it was followed by a bottle of champagne that had, apparently, drifted by balloon into the pasture. Today it started to feel really like it was ours...I think the sun, the lingering smell of last night's first non-pb&j supper, and the delivery of the ny times this morning had something to do with that.

And now, with a To Do list of epic proportions, the work really begins. First on the list is the 2nd floor of the house, accompanied by scattered hours of trash hauling by the trailer load to the dump.