I am pleased to announce that the First Annual Farm House New Years Eve Party was a success. With a peak population of 19 humans and 2 dogs, not only was it a fantastic time but I was happy to discover that the heater, septic system, well and water filtration system and the house in general handled a crowd well. There was sledding (down a hill and into, unfortunately, our only semi-frozen pond), singing around a camp fire, sliding around and snowball throwing on the frozen lake, some heart to heart conversations and a couple really important breakfasts.

Despite our general debauchery and the rolling arrivals of guests, we managed to do a short but sweet work project -- demolition of all the old animal pens in the barn that don't fit with our barn plans. We had ten or so bodies and an odd assortment of sledge hammers and crowbars, and got an amazing amount done in just a couple hours.

Our excitement about large group work days (or, you know, weeks) has been redoubled, and we're already making plans for a summer session of working and playing.

Also, any participant who has photos of the trip, please send 'em along, as the usual TBA Farms photographer (ahem) found herself so overstimulated and excited by guests and champagne and whatnot that there is not much un-blurred documentation of the affair.