This order form is meant to streamline the process of purchasing frozen meat and other good stuff from Clawhammer Farm. 

Here's how it works:
- We deliver twice a month to Philadelphia and NYC.  This order form is for delivery on Tuesday, 3/13.
- Using this website you specify what products you would like from us, where you'd like it delivered, and how you'd like to pay.
- This form will calculate an approximate total.  We have intentionally kept this total a bit high, once your order is picked and packaged we will calculate your actual total and include the balance to you in cash.

A few other things to know:
- We require you to buy an insulated bag from us to carry your purchases in.  They're only $5, and if you buy 2 you can just bring the old one back when you come to receive your order, we love reusing them.
- Unfortunately we don't accept cash or check for our buyers club.  If you're able to mail a check or pay significantly in advance we will consider it, but we are trying to reduce the work necessary for the people who have been gracious enough to offer their businesses as drop off points. 
- Looking for a little guidance on your cooking adventure?  Visit this link for some of our favorite things to do with our products.
- If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us at

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