We've gotten a lot done in the last few weeks. This post is a digest of photos describing the work we've done. But first, a short breakdown of the weekends to come, an inspiration to visit if you will:

4/23: Big ass farm auction, going to buy a ton of cheap farm crap, fencing, tractors, who knows what. Installing fence for sacrificial paddock (50'x60') for pigs and other livestock. Tilling the garden plot, amending with compost, and tilling again to mix it in. What fun!!

4/30: We're gonna buy some damn pigs!! and put 'em in the pen! We've got to buy them food and bed them down and set up water and other essentials, as well as small odd jobs.

5/7: Big Man goes to Maine, but only for an overnight, to pick up a riding lawn mower from his mom, who happens to be visiting this weekend. Also, perhaps we will build a poultry brooder or coop? Who knows!?!?

Other jobs with no set date: barn roof repair, barn wall repair, barn beam repair and grease collection. Come join the party!

We built a pen for the pigs and goats.

It has a door, reminiscent of a friend's art and TV's "Lost"

The door goes to the outside, where we will build an enclosed pasture next weekend.

If the pigs were tall enough to look out the door they would have an amazing view.

We've amassed quite the wood pile for friendly bonfires.

and finally, a note on the baby bunnies. Here's a few pics, and another Vid, all taken this last Thursday. We're sorry to say the now adolescent bunnies vacated their dent Friday afternoon, I have to assume they're off plotting how to eat our garden fresh produce.