Finally, in addition to the celery and its ever-growing seedling army, we have Actual Animals on the Farm: three two-month-old yorkshire-duroc gilts.

So, now, when you come to visit, we can chase piglets about. It is very fun to chase piglets about. Also: difficult to catch them.

I am very into the ladies, and have already identified and classified at least 12 kinds of noises, which vary from bird-like to very piggy sounding to growls (the last only when they met Ursula). They are lively, inquisitive, smart and hungry: exactly what a piglet should be.

They came from a farm that feeds its pigs only on pasture, which is wonderful for us, because as soon as they saw grass they knew what to do.

Of course, they also gobbled up the sweet potato peelings that we threw them last night. They are also oddly interested in munching on shoes.

For now, they are indoor pigs unless supervised, since we don't have the electric fence up and running yet, and on their first couple excursions into the outside pen they proved themselves to be extremely adept rooters, even walking along on their front knees like warthogs. We're enhancing their diet with some corn mash for now, and I will be letting them out for some extremely entertaining play-time each evening after work.