The new fluffs, warm box of which arrived last Friday morning.

And here they are in video form.

They are not much like the chicks. There are 2 geese -- huge fluffy, awkward guys, who mind their own business and try not to get in the way. Unless you are in the water pan. Then they will sit on your head. 5 ducks -- 4 yellow, one browny-yellow (there were also two black ones in the box, one DOA and one D shortly thereafter), who confound me by somehow using ALL the water in their waterer to bathe themselves, so that there is no drinking water for everyone else after about 2 hours. I think I fixed this problem, both with a larger, hanging waterer, and with supervised swim-time in a bucket in the barn when I'm feeding the pigs. I also give them the little layer cake pan to splash about in, sometimes, if it's very warm. And 7 turkey poults of various colors and kinds, who want nothing more than to investigate everything, get scooped up by whatever hand is the closest, and try to emulate the bathing ducks, but with waning interest and less success. These guys are fun. The chicks scrambled into corners in a wild, dusty, flapping panic every time a hand entered to feed them or otherwise, you know, bring them life; these guys basically just want to be friends. Not to pick favorites or anything.