Things are getting bigger here at TBA Farms. The ducklings are football sized. The garden, helped in a large part by me not knowing that one could or should trim tomato plants, is a now a jungle garden. There are, in fact, snakes in there. Hopefully helpful snakes.
The garden one month ago

The garden now

Artichokes are currently the Most Fun Thing to watch grow.

The pigs are also growing:Except for Stump...more on her in a later post. The Big Man did some measuring of the pigs this weekend in an attempt to figure out their weights. He estimates the Big Pigs at 140 pounds, give or take, which I thought was quite respectable. The Big Man, however, lover of nothing more than a meaty slice of bacon, was unimpressed, so we now have them on a new food plan, wherein they have a constant supply of grain.
And soon (in a week!?) they will have FOUR WHOLE ACRES to roam. And eat. The fence building is going well -- we have all the posts in, and one of the six wires all hooked up.
Tensioning the wire is really difficult work, so it's a good thing that the Big Man's guns have also been growing.
I swear, he wasn't posing at all. This is just how tensioning the wire looks.