Whew, August is a busy time. Sincere apologies for the lapse in blogging; we will strive to do better. As it is, I only have a hot minute before dashing off to herd the chickens around, so just a few photos to show you what we've been up to.

The garden has really been keeping me hopping. Pounds and pounds of carrots, tomatoes, green beans and squash, all of which must be harvested and preserved. The occasional watermelon to satisfy our sweet teeth. A steady supply of lots more to keep us full and happy. And of course, the inevitable and steady supply of weeds. On weekends I enlist the geese to help with that.

We moved the chickens, ducks, geese and turkeys out to the pasture. We still chase the chickens in at dusk, so they get the message that nighttime is for sleeping inside, and not for being owl/coyote/whatever food outside. Although some of the roosters seem confused as to when nighttime ends...last night one woke me up at 3:00 flat. Not even a hint of daybreak then. Usually they hold out for a slightly more reasonable 5:07.

We currently have the turkey/geese/duck team inside a funny little chicken wire pen in the pasture, with a funny little stack of crates to serve as shelter/hangers. After they learn that this is where food and water are, we will free them to the Pasture at Large.

I had assumed that they would be so baffled and amazed to see that there was An Entire Other THING outside of the tub in the barn they had been brooding in for their entire lives, but this guy actually fell asleep as soon as I placed him in the actual world.

I was worried that he was sick or really shell shocked or something, but after a brief couple minutes of shut eye, he was happily poking about.

Other than that, we've been chugging along, enjoying the sky.

And feeling decidedly odd about some strange fleeting longings for fall and winter that have been flitting through my head...when we get to hunker down and eat soups from our canned garden bounty, and passively watch the world from inside, under a blanket instead of spending sweat and blood out in the thick of it all, moving dirt, water and stones to where we want them, politely disagreeing with where mother nature carelessly strew them about.