Time to start getting excited for warmer weather and all the impending progress. Off the top of my head we're shooting for:

Doubling the garden
Building a root cellar
Reinsulating the first floor of the house, complete with new drywall
Refinishing the first floor's floors
New doors for the house
Build chicken processing equipment
Build chicken "tractors"
Raise test batches (400 total, maybe?) of meat chickens
Mushroom cultivation
New roof for the house, if we can afford it
New geese
Greenhouse / Hoophouse
Pig slaughtering equipment/streamlining
Redesign grease collection pump
Move kitchen to where the dining room is
Turn kitchen into a mudroom
Scale up beer making
Growing cover crops and forage crops for livestock
Person door on the west side of the barn
Sell pigs in various forms

It looks awfully long, but when I look back what we accomplished in 2010 it seems quite doable, especially since many hands make light work and all.