Inquisitive Turkey

So, with thanksgiving near we wanted to inform you, our faithful readers, of the details on our turkeys. We've been raising a batch of Broad Breasted Bronze Turkeys since the beginning of July in the same tractors/pens we use for chickens. These birds are very similar to the industry standard breed, the Broad Breasted White, but we chose the brown birds due to their more natural appearance (most fowl raised for eating are white so that the consumer won't notice stray feathers that weren't caught by the plucker.) They're not fed any antibiotics and are moved daily so they can eat as much grass as they can stand.

Fancy Bird Housing

We do have a target weight (15-20# hens and 20-25# toms) for these turkeys but we're not sure when we'll reach it. How does this effect you? Well if we're on target we might be able to kill these turkeys just days before Thanksgiving, which means we'd be able to provide you with fresh, never frozen, turkeys. More than likely we'll need to kill these birds earlier, in which case we'd have to freeze them.

I'd be interested to hear from people on whether a fresh bird is that important. I have a hard time believing that any bird you buy from a major grocer "fresh" was not previously frozen, as the shelf life is only 3 days. There is no way a grocery store can get their act together enough to get the birds that fast, considering how difficult it may be for us.

Too Inquisitive Turkey

The birds are going to be priced the same as our chickens, $4 per pound, with free delivery to NYC, Philadelphia, and Youngstown, OH. We have a limited supply (25 for sure reservations and a waiting list, as we're not sure how many of the original 32 will be alive.) Get them while the gettin's good, and don't forget about Christmas and your everyday turkey consumption!