For those east-coast dwellers not on our email dislist*, let it be known that we are bringing the Farm to Philadelphia and New York City this weekend in the form of a good old fashioned cookout.

We'll be serving up samples of our sausages, chicken, vegetables and sundry other projects.  Some adult libations will be offered, but we encourage visitors to contribute on that front.

ALL ARE WELCOME.  Bring your friends and neighbors.  We're a more-the-merrier type of operation, and we love meeting new people.

Food offerings will start around 8:00 PM, but feel free to come early and stay late.

Farm to Philly will be this Friday, November 18th, in West Philadelphia (please email for the address)

Farm to NYC will be this Saturday, November 19th, in the East Village (please email for the address)

In addition to samples and fun, we will have lots for sale if you want to take home your very own bit of the farm:

Turkeys: As of press time, a couple of these most iconic of holiday birds are still available at $4/pound. Pasture-raised, antibiotic free and all that jazz.  Let us know asap if you want to reserve one.
Rabbit: is available sold whole, $5/pound.  These are a great and healthy alternative to white meat chicken.  Delicious braised in a sauce or stew.
Chicken: sold whole at $4/pound. We have them ranging from 3 - 7 pounds.
Fresh Ham Roasts $6.5/# These are hams cut into 3 pieces. The butcher recommended it as a more saleable cut than hams, and a few of these will make good roasts, but some of them are like super thick ham steaks, which will roast up fine but look kind of odd.
Pork Chops $7.5/# These are smaller than you're used to, with the bone in. Think Lamb chop sized, very cute, one of our most remarkable and complimented cuts. 2 per package.
Spare Ribs $5.5/# These are quite literally spare ribs, bits of ribs they cut off of other cuts, as opposed to the big thick slabs you're used to at the BBQ joint. Great for braising.
Sausage $8/# Hot or Sweet Italian, cased but not linked.
Fresh Pork Belly $7/# What to make your own bacon? This is what you need. Also common in many Asian dishes. These are whole slabs, approx. 5# each.
Offal $3/# liver, heart, tongue, soup bones.

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