First of all, we'd like to give a giant and heartfelt THANK YOU to our hosts in Philadelphia and NYC who were so generous to open their homes and ovens to us for a fantastic Farm to City weekend.

An equally giant and heartfelt THANK YOU goes to our illustrious crew of farm sitters, who are slowly but surely chipping away at my certainty fear that everything will run away and/or die the second we step off of TBA lands for any significant period of time. Thanks to you we returned to a farm full of happy, calm beasts, and I have one less excuse to nurture my hermitic instincts.

It was great to meet new people and reconnect with old ones.  You were inspiring as always, and provided us with lots to mull over as we plan the next stages of the Farm.

AND, for those who picked up their turkeys: I *think* that I managed to get my admittedly dorky but extremely useful Pastured Turkey Fact Sheet to all of you, but if I missed you, just email us and I can get you a copy (the basic gist being: do not lick your raw turkey /do brine that bitch).  Additionally, if you have any other turkey-related questions (like: why did my turkey goody bag include two hearts/livers? etc.) feel free to email them and we can illuminate.