WHO CAN COME: Anybody and everybody; do not be shy. If you are bringing a crew we would sincerely appreciate it if you'd email us with an approximate head count and a when(ish) as to your arrival. WHEN: The main event is Saturday evening, but there will be goings on from Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon, September 9-11, 2011. If your schedule allows, there is a setup crew that will be on-farm for the whole week before for some hard work and good times. "Come early and stay late" is the general rule.
WHAT TO BRING: A tent along with sleeping accoutrement (IF you do not have a tent: fear not; we will have extra room in several. Just let us know so we can pencil you in), rain/mud boots, warm clothes AND a bathing suit if you like lake swimming, a side-dish to share if you are near, able, and interested, snacks, a chair or something equivalent for sitting in or on, a plate/silverware and a cup/glass/mug. This is basically camping with (some) amenities, and less bears. WHAT THERE IS TO DO: There is a lot to learn about here at the farm, so keep an open mind and ask a lot of questions. There's a lake to swim in and walk around, a garden to dig in, piles of various things to move if sweating is your goal, and a fire pit for hanging out and warming up around if socializing is your goal. This year we are excited to have some events to keep everybody entertained, including a bit of hillbilly gambling, obstacle courses with prizes, lawn games, and many more surprises.
DOGS: are welcome, as long as they are well-mannered and well-monitored. We have a garden with no fence, lots of chickens and turkeys on pasture and some free-ranging around, electric fences, other dogs, cats in the house, barn and yard, a road with fast-moving cars and slow-moving, catchable tractors, and freshly done wood floors.
KIDS: please see "dogs" above. (Only *sort of* kidding. We love kids, and kids love the farm, but our operation is not what anyone would call play-safe). We will have a couple bedrooms available for those with young youngsters who may prefer a roof roof instead of a tent roof; just give us a heads up asap that you are interested so we can gauge availability.
FOOD: All of it will be provided, along with drink. There will be a suggested donation of $35/day, $70/weekend to cover costs, but if you don't have it PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't let that stop you from coming; it all works out in the end. On that note, if you see this weekend as one of the funnest things you did all year feel free to augment or tip; we love monetary feedback.
RIDES: If you need a ride, please get in touch with us. If you are driving from a major city, and will have room for a passenger or two, please get in touch with us. We will try to hook you up. If you are flying in, please get in touch with us re: arrangements to get you from your airport of choice to the farm. We will hook you up.
FOR SALE: We will have pork for sale by the cut. We will have whole pastured chickens as well. All meat will be vacuum sealed and frozen; all you would need to transport it is an ice chest, and we'll even give you some ice. Relatedly, we will have some ice chests for sale. We will perhaps have some mustards for sale. We will be taking orders for spring pork as well as Thanksgiving turkeys. Again, please RSVP if possible. We are trying to get a rough head count so we can be prepared.