This Sunday we are leaving the farm in capable hands and coming down to the City for an event at Haven's Kitchen.

The entirety (pretty much) of one of our very own spring hogs will be at center stage, prepared by numerous NYC chefs and served in bites (small and large, sweet and savory) alongside cocktails and local beers. 


It's a great time for those interested in one of our butcher-your-own events at the farm to taste the less common parts of the animal, talk butchery with real butchers and chefs, and discover new ways to cook your favorite cuts. It's also a fantastic opportunity for those of you who have been interested in the farm but haven't made it out yet to get a taste (literally) of what life at Clawhammer is like. And, of course, it is the perfect time for old friends and acquaintances to catch up with us without leaving the busy city.  

We will also be selling some of our meats (pork cuts, chicken, rabbit) and jars of chive blossom vinegar made from the chives that grow wild on our hillside and bloom beautifully every spring.

You can buy tickets here. The fee includes food and two cocktails; more drinks will be available at a cash bar at the event.